Exercising, but not getting stronger

Hi darling,
It’s been one month since I began my exercise habit. I just noticed that I’m hardly making any progress. This is my log from one month ago:

Shoulder press 3 9 visible wide horizontal grip
20kg × 2, 5s cadence 
25kg × 7, 5s cadence attempted 8 but didn't move, held for 5
Fixed pulldown 3 9 visible 2:13am
40kg × 2
61kg × 6.5, 5s cadence held failure for 10s
Myotatic crunches
1kg × 10, 6s cadence

And this is my recent log:

Shoulder press 3 9 visible 5s cadence 
15kg * 2
30kg * 7.1 held last rep for 5s...note no improvement on last week =(
23:05 finish
Fixed pull down 3 9 visible 5s cadence 
35.5kg × 2
66kg × 7.2 held last rep for 8s
23:14 finish 

Myotatic crunches 6s cadence 
3kg × 10, 6s cadence

I admit, I haven’t been following this program well at all – it advises around 170g of protein per day…I probably get 30g per day =/ So this is really my own fault. But at least now I know what’s wrong and can try fixing it – I just need my new debit card so I can buy lots of food!

I also notice that I rarely bother eating meat because it takes a long time to cook and a long time to chew up and eat! I don’t really know what to do about that. Forcing myself to eat lots of food is really hard.


Lost wallet

Hi darling,
So you know already that I lost my wallet last Saturday. I’m still waiting for a replacement VISA card, hope it doesn’t take too long, I need to buy food!
This Saturday just past I must have spent 4 hours looking online at money clips and wallets. I looked on eBay, etsy, Rushfaster, and maybe 8 independent wallet and money clip websites.They get so expensive…this one is $450! Real sapphires!


In the end, I didn’t buy any of them! I did reach one conclusion though – I don’t think I’ll keep my ID or other personal things in my wallet anymore. I had a crazy idea – I’ll put all my IDs in a nice notebook instead! Something that people will hopefully be less inclined to steal and more inclined to return to its owner. Something like this.
I think if people found this in the street with an address on it, and no cash or cash value cards, they’d be more likely to try returning it than a wallet.
And for my cash and cards, I’m going to use one of these.

It only cost $2! So I shouldn’t care too much about losing it, and I shouldn’t ever need to carry much cash or cards in there.


4 days of conferences and lots of food

Hi darling <3 I’ve been so busy the past week! I’ve been going to conferences for 4 whole days, learning so so much meaw

I started with this one here in Melbourne


This one was for free, so it was much smaller then the last one I went to, which cost several hundred dollars. Smaller, and people seemed to be trying harder to sell things to us rather than help us. That annoyed me a tiny bit. I did learn a few things but they’re only useful for work. I like these things better if I can learn things that help me too.

Next I went to this one in Sydney! This one was expensive, the tickets cost $900. dizzy


But it was easily worth all that money =) Especially when I didn’t pay for it, haha! I learned so much, I wrote a summary of the conference that was still 2000 words long! Covering topics on user experience, personal development, how to use web development skills to do things for phones and desktops, advanced web techniques, so much darling :D   I met a few really cool  people, maybe 7, and they’re all really smart, full of ideas and fun grin I was messaging and hanging out with them all conference so I kept running out of battery around 3 or 4pm each day =O Hehe look, I took a pic of one of their shoes!


And the conference was fully catered, all you can eat! I ate as much breakfast as I wanted, as much morning tea as I wanted, as much lunch as I wanted, as much afternoon tea as I wanted. And the food was different every day! Except for afternoon tea – it was always ice cream and lollies drunk


Sydney is so beautiful too. Darling Harbour with its clear water, beautiful restaurants, paths and parks full of beautiful people, it’s great. I didn’t get any pics of our hotel or the surrounds because I kept running out of battery each day. But, I did get this one surreal shot in Chinatown slow


We did so much exploring – my coworker was lost a lot and didn’t really know his way around Sydney so I was leading the way most of the time. And since I was in the lead, of course I went looking for toys in-love

2012-05-05 15.53.34

And we went looking for food and games too ^^; I think I spent $40 on Tekken, and my coworker spent $40 trying to win a Yoshi toy from a skill tester machine meaw When I finally got back to Melbourne, I had lots of pretty food with my friends – you’ll have to meet them one day darling. Ahhh…I’ll be really sad if I have to leave them behind TT-TT



Bad hair.

Hi darling,

So much happens these days, I should really make a habit of writing in here so I don’t forget – I often forget by the time our weekend comes around and we just spend time together no-waigif

The only thing I can think about is my horrible haircut right now. I went to my favourite hair salon, the place that cut my hair that you really like and hoped I would get the same girl again. She was there, but I got served by some older lady. That’s sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes they have lots and lots of experience. Other times they’re boring and don’t care very much about their job.

Or maybe it’s not her fault. I came in to the salon straight after work and looked terrible. I haven’t had my hair cut in quite a while – it’s really so important that I cut my hair regularly baby, it suddenly turns ugly once I go from 7 weeks to 9 weeks since the last cut. I walked in with ugly long hair and also my crappy work uniform. I must really have looked like I don’t care at all about how I look so maybe she was lazy.

I think, from now on, I’ll never wear that ugly shirt again. I’ll look for some nice work shirts soon. =B

I hope you’ve been well darling blush(or-fake-smile)



Hi darling,

I was really worried when you said you were going to the hospital. TT-TT And then you would stop replying and I would just have to sit and worry if you were ok. I’m glad you’re ok now, but I hope we can maybe prevent that stuff happening in the future.

You remember those healthy air purifiers I showed you that should remove bad things from the air – and you said you wanted one in red. Well, I found one want



It’s red and nice looking, diba? =)


Busy week

Hi darling ,

It’s been a really big week for me. We moved the company websites from USA to Sydney last week and everything broke on the way and that kept me really busy. It’s annoying that it’s impossible for things to move and work perfectly in their new home but I guess that’s part of why I have a job.

On Tuesday my assistant and I got called into a meeting. It was because part of our website that counts our products was broken and our ebay sales manager was very upset. He’s always upset about everything though. He’s so negative, like your aunt, so I avoid him and ignore most of what he says whenever I can because it only sounds like tantrums to me. I tell him things some times to motivate him and raise his spirits but he seems to be in a hole and I can’t help him out of it. That problem he was complaining about, my assistant and I were already nearly finished fixing anyway.

In general that was a good week at work though. My assistant and I teamed up to solve problems really fast all week. I like being part of a team I had some extra time at work to learn some stuff about eBay marketing and prepare some program to make life at work easier for everyone. it’s so amazing baby, how much money people are spending there. Last week people spent $360,000 on just hair straighteners

I feel inspired to start my own store baby. I can probably find out which products sell lots and then get them and sell them hehehe

I wanna write more but I should get some work done and also eat. I keep forgetting to eat.